Monday, June 19, 2017

The Importance Of Hydration For Seniors

Help our senior citizens to remember to keep hydrated is crutial

Lets help our seniors to remember to keep hydrated!

Dehydration occurs more frequently and much more quickly in the elderly

Proper nutrition and regular physical activity are two extremely crucial approaches seniors can take to ensure healthy and stable aging. In addition to this - proper HYDRATION plays a key role in a healthy lifestyle for seniors. A loss of hydration is one of the biggest factors that impacts how seniors look and feel. It is vital to remember that as we age, our thirst sensation decreases as does our overall body water. Therefore, dehydration occurs more frequently and much more quickly in the elderly. Fluid loss can be very serious affecting the heart, kidneys, brain, and in some severe cases can be life threatening. Dehydration occurs when more fluid is lost from the body than is taken in.

This develops an imbalance of minerals, sodium, and potassium, which are all needed for proper muscle and nerve function. Many things cause dehydration but the most common are: vomiting, diarrhea, blood loss, and of course failure to replenish liquids by not drinking enough water. There are also certain foods and beverages that contribute to water loss such as: coffee, tea, and soft sugared beverages. Dehydration can have a significant negative effect on brain function in the elderly and may debilitate cognitive states leading to confusion and agitation. Not only can dehydration lead to detrimental physical and cardiovascular effects, but detrimental cognitive effect as well.

Injuries are more likely to happen when hydration is not properly practiced. People who are denied proper fluid intake perform worse in activities because those activities are harder to accomplish. When someone becomes dehydrated, they lose electrolytes that are essential for the nervous and cardiovascular systems. A good rule of thumb: Always try to drink more fluids than you need!! You can also do frequent intervals of smaller quantities as long as you keep it consistent!! And remember that foods like oranges, watermelon, tomatoes, and strawberries can also increase your water intake. So mix things up a bit!! Keep your mind and body healthy and strong… stay hydrated!! 

Our disabled seniors may also need to find their local COOL CENTERS during our hot summer season days. Local Medical Transportation Companies can help assist our disabled seniors with wheelchair accessible transportation to nearby cool centers. Care Wagon Medical Transport  serves the local Fontana, Rialto, Ontario, Colton and Upland, CA areas.

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