Saturday, August 13, 2016


#SeniorCitizensDay - August 21

August 21st is National Senior Citizens Day!

If you have a senior relative, friend or neighbor, please take a little time to make their Senior Citizens Day special. 

Here are a few unique but simple ideas to do just that.
* Write them a letter or make them a little card telling them how much they mean to you.
* Just dropping by to say hello can make them feel very special.
* Work on a jigsaw puzzle together. Large format puzzles make it easier to see and handle the pieces.
* Check around the house for things that might have become difficult for your senior citizen to do, like changing high light bulbs or smoke detector batteries for their safety.
* Create a collage of new pictures of friends, family, and particularly grand and great grandchildren. Add a nice frame and put it on a table where it can be viewed or attach it to the wall.
* If your elderly citizen has a pet, bring along a special pet treat or maybe a new pet throw blanket for its bed.
* Take your senior citizen for a nice outing - perhaps a museum, a movie or even a short visit to a local park might be enough to bring some enjoyment to their day. !!! If your senior is disabled, you can still take them for a nice outing!!!! Wheelchair accessible transportation to personal interest destinations can be easily arranged with a local medical transportation company. Gift Certificates for non emergency transportation may also be available to purchase for a future destination such as a trip to a salon/barber or other personal interest destination.
* And if your senior citizen prefers to stay home, bring a nice lunch or dinner to share and bring a movie along.

Have fun!!
Put a Jigsaw Puzzle together with a Senior Citizen!

Happy National Senior Citizens Day to all 

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